Viagra USA Online at WWW.VIAGRAUSAONLINE.COM: Guilty As Charged

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TOKYO (MacHouse) – Yesterday, we reported that the order page used by the online pharmacy store at is likely to have illegitimate use of certification labels. One of our suspicions has been confirmed. The GeoTrust label shown on their order process form is illegitimate.

When you place an order at the online pharmacy store of Viagra USA Online (, you will be transferred to a different website at where you will be requested to fill an order form. There are three certification labels at the bottom of the order page. (See Screenshot 01.) The middle one that says ‘HackerShield TESTED DAILY POINT TO VERIFY’ is apparently fake because there is no pop-up statement of certification. The label to the right didn’t look right, we thought last time, because we didn’t find the exactly same label at GeoTrust’s website. But we weren’t sure.

More than 33 hours ago, we asked both Comodo Group and GeoTrust, Inc. by e-mail about the authenticity of the respective certification labels. Unfortunately, Comodo Group did not return our inquiry by the time we published this report. GeoTrust returned our inquiry and confirmed that they did not issue the label shown on the order process form and therefore that certification is illegitimately used. (See Screenshot 02.)

viagrausaonline Viagra USA Online
Screenshot 01 – Source:
  viagrausaonline Viagra USA Online
Screenshot 02 – Source: MacHouse

What are chances that the organization behind Viagra USA Online outsources the order process function to a different company and therefore that they have nothing to do with illegitimate use of certification labels? That’s unlikely to be the case. Screenshot 03 and 04 show domain search results from Domain Tools. The exactly same set of nameservers is designated both at the domains of viagrausaonline and

Secondly, the IP locations are nearly the same for both websites. These two websites are likely to be hosted by the same web hosting company or at the same geographical location. In fact, they are probably add-on domains with each other under the same hosting account. Some web hosting companies issue a different IP address for each add-on domain.

viagrausaonline Viagra USA Online
Screenshot 03 – Source: Domain Tools
  viagrausaonline Viagra USA Online
Screenshot 04 – Source: Domain Tools

So what is going to happen to Viagra USA Online and its order process website? Probably, nothing for the moment… Let’s suppose that the domain registration of contains intentional errors. So what? It’s not illegal to submit a fake domain registration because no Internet authority agency is run by the government in each country as far as I know. Secondly, the domain registrar of is TUCOWS, INC. They are as bad as TUCOWS doesn’t care shit about fake domain registrations. Thirdly, we are not well-funded to go after every scrap website that we find.


Viagra USA Online at WWW.VIAGRAUSAONLINE.COM: Would You Trust This Online Vendor?

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