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TOKYO (MacHouse) – We reported a few day ago that visitors to can involuntarily be redirected to Malware Alarm‘s malware website ( As we always do, we attempted to contact the site administrator of has a feedback form. (See Screenshot 01.) And I presume that I wrote something like visitors to their website can be involuntarily redirected to

It has been three days since we gave a kind notification of malware scan risk to Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from them. That’s no problem with us. We just did what we ethically had to do. Some website administrators are usually in denial and will even get offended when we report that there are security risks at their websites. Not many of them bother to contact us back and offer a simple form of appreciation for our kind notification anyway. Just leave it, and, perhaps, time will heal wounds, right?

Anyway, we just decided about 1 hour ago to go back to and see if they still have an involuntary redirection risk. We hoped that they have removed their Google ads. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have changed at since our last visit. Malware Alarm
Screenshot 01
Screenshot from Malware Alarm
Screenshot 02
Screenshot from

Click on the button to watch a documentation video. VTC
Click on the button to watch more documentation videos. VTC

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